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Tips for Healthy Living

One of the key components in any weight loss journey is living the healthiest lifestyle possible. But, not everyone really understands what it takes to live healthy. At Southeastern Healthcare, we provide services like medical weight loss Wilmington NC in order to help people who have had difficulty losing weight in the past to achieve their weight loss goals safely and effectively. But, we also stress the importance of making the changes necessary to live a healthier lifestyle in support of weight loss. Here are some proven tips for healthy living that will help accelerate your weight loss.

Get Enough Sleep

When the body gets fewer than seven hours of sleep a night, it can cause an increase in the production of a hormone called cortisol. High cortisol levels have been linked to weight gain and depression, therefore, simply getting more than seven hours of sleep per night will help you avoid this dangerous hormone spike. To help you achieve this, stop watching TV or using a computer (or smartphone or tablet) about an hour before you go to bed. You should also dim any excessively bright lights. This will help relax and prepare your body for sleep and this will help you sleep through the night.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Your diet provides the fuel your body will be using throughout the day, so why not give it the best fuel possible? Foods laden with white sugar or high fructose corn syrup are not only nutritionally-void, they have been proven to increase your risk of heart disease, obesity, and depression. Stick with fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fat-free or low-fat milk products. For proteins, choose lean meats, poultry, Omega-3-rich fish, beans, eggs, and nuts. And, if you’re trying to lose weight, avoid eating a large meal before bedtime.

Exercise Every Day

The type of exercise isn’t important; the simple fact that you’re exercising every day is the most important element. Even if you can only fit in a 20-minute walk during your lunch break, something is better than nothing and over time, you will see the results. Exercising every day will improve every aspect of your health and help you lose weight quicker, and by sticking to your regimen, the weight will stay off.

Drink More Water

The human body is made up of mostly water, so when the body’s fluid levels drop off, it can make you feel dizzy, tired, weak, and generally “off.” Drinking at least eight full glasses of water a day works wonders. It helps remove toxins from the body, lubricate your joints, and increase recovery rates, among other health benefits. If you replace sugary drinks with water, you’ll find it has a remarkable impact on your weight loss efforts.

Eliminate Bad Habits

If you smoke or drink alcohol regularly, then you are sabotaging all of your weight loss and healthy living efforts. While it can be very difficult to stop these habits cold-turkey, gradually cutting back to the point that you can eliminate them will help make the process easier and more bearable. Likewise, if you have a bad habit of binge eating junk food over the weekend or eating late at night, finding alternative ways of managing those cravings is important. For example, medical weight loss in Wilmington NC may be able to help you find better ways of controlling your cravings.

Southeastern Healthcare Offers Medical Weight Loss Wilmington NC

Losing weight isn’t always easy, but in some cases, what we do every day can actually make the process even harder. If you’re not living a healthy lifestyle, then you’re not giving yourself the best chance at achieving the weight loss you desire. Call Southeastern Healthcare today at 910-477-3945. Right now we are offering a $99 medical weight loss Wilmington NC start-up special. This includes a consultation, lab work, exams, prescriptions, and your first injection! Be sure to contact us today to receive our special offer.

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