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High School Athletes and Back Pain

Lower back pain (LBP) is a problem that affects more than 31 million Americans on a daily basis. While the general consensus may associate back pain with older adults and blue collar workers, the truth is that LBP is experienced by a surprising number of teenagers, in particular high school athletes. With high school back in session and student athletes returning to the field, now is the time to address the important topic of high school athletes and back pain and how seeing a chiropractor Wilmington NC can not only help alleviate their current pain, but even help them manage their future risk of lower back pain.

Lower Back Pain Now = Lower Back Pain in the Future

Back pain is not a new problem in the United States. It is a concern that has been around for generations and there have been dozens of studies conducted over the years to help identify key risk factors, pain management solutions, and other data. One such landmark study was published in 2000. In the program, researchers studied adolescent risk factors for lower back pain over a 25-year period. The results showed that students who had lower back pain at age 14 had a much higher risk of suffering from back pain 25 years later compared to adolescents who didn’t have LBP. Researchers concluded that the risk of lower back pain in adults could have been reduced had the affected students received proper LBP care when they were young.

In a more recent study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, researchers studied 464 male and female Finnish high school athletes across a variety of sports. The study found that more than half of the student athletes (255 – 55%) suffered from lower back pain in the past year. 51 players (11%) experienced back pain for longer than four weeks, while 80 (17.2%) of the students suffered from pain so severe that they were forced to miss practice. The most telling part of this study was that only 73 of the athletes (29% of those with back pain) received any medical attention for their lower back pain.

What Parents of High School Athletes Need to Know

Parents of high school athletes should listen carefully to their sons and daughters and take their complaints of back pain seriously. In the old days student athletes who were in pain were regularly told to “walk it off,” but now we know better. Where pain is concerned, treating it today can help prevent it returning or becoming worse as your child ages.

Parents should also be aware that similar studies have proven that chiropractic care is one of the safest and most effective ways of treating lower back pain in teenagers and young adults. A reputable and experienced chiropractor Wilmington NC can both help alleviate your child’s current pain and help reduce their risk of having lower back pain in the future.

Southeastern Healthcare Has Chiropractors in Wilmington NC for Your Child’s LBP

At Southeastern Healthcare, we have a team of chiropractor physicians who can help your child manage their sports-related lower back pain without the use of drugs or surgery. With a targeted curriculum of non-invasive care that extends beyond the playing season, we can help your child not only be more comfortable and effective both on the playing field and off, but we can also help reduce his or her risks of suffering from debilitating back pain as they get older.

Make an appointment with one of our chiropractor Wilmington NC today by calling 910-202-4341. With six locations throughout the Wilmington area, we have an office conveniently close to you.

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