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We Provide Treatment & Therapy for Muscle & Joint Pain

At Southeastern Healthcare, our Medical Care provides an added dimension to our offices that truly sets us apart! There are times when a patient may need to see a medical doctor for an injury or pain issue and rather than having to send them to another appointment, we can have that patient simply see our Doctor on staff! This saves our patients time and money. Medical care consists of Pain Medication, Anti-inflammatory Medication, and Muscle Relaxers. We also perform Joint Injections and Trigger Point Injections when necessary.

We Treat & Provide Care For:

  • Acute injuries (neck & back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, wrist pain, ankle pain, & general muscle sprains/strains,)
  • Overuse injuries (tendinitis, inflamed joints)
  • Exercise prescription to increase joint range of motion and strength
  • Treatment and recommendations for injured athletes and weekend warriors
  • Injury prevention with the aid of home exercises and stretches
  • Healthy lifestyle tips and recommendations